How Effective are those Fat Loss products?

I already tried consuming a fat loss supplement its the Hydroxycut the white one. I've really seen changes in my body because I shred some fats but I don't think it's because of it because every-time I consume it I always feel hungry and by just doing the dieting and exercise it is still effective, so is it really effective?
I suggest to stop it and switch to natural ways to shred fats. It may affect you in the long run and it's not used for a long-term goal. Try drinking water with lemon for hydration and do exercises. It will not only shred fats but will make your heart and lungs happy.
If it's not just tea to take, I won't go for other supplements to lose weight or gain muscle like some people do take steroids for their body development. I prefer going at it with the normal routine orthodox exercise and achieve my goals in a healthy manner.