Coconut Oil


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I love coconut oil. I eat it straight, when I feel headache coming (for feeding the brain with ketones) or when I feel weak during period, when I do not eat. I drink electrolytes first, but if they do not help, I take some MCT or coconut oil. Pure fat with lots of ketones doesn't really break the fast. Grassfed butter works for those things as well, but it has small amounts of other nutrients, so probably not best for taking during fast part of the day.
Coconut oil has many health benefits. It can be used for all the body parts and for edible purposes also. The edible coconut oil is used for cooking while the non-edible coconut oil is used for healing purposes. Overall, coconut oil is beneficial for skin, hair and it also helps rejuvenating the body cells.

It has known to treat many skin diseases and also help reduce weight.
It has several benefits, like helping with hair, skin, digestion, hormones, inmmunity. Even, as I read, it can help with mental things, like focus on tasks and metal performance overall. Somepeople use it for cooking also, for itsn nutritional properties and tha fact that it doesn't go rancid like other oils
Lauric acid, the main ingredient in coco oil works wonders in a variety of ways. My dandruff was practically eliminated by this oil in a matter of days; it has stopped the advance of my receding hairline and camouflaged my white hairs; it has controlled the growth of unwanted pimples and blackheads; it has improved my diet and actually maintained my waistline at 32 and weight at a 150 lbs.
Yes, I do use coconut oil on my skin and hair. I just heat three to five tablespoons of coconut oil in the microwave and apply it to my dry hair before bed, I cover it with a shower cap and shampoo as usual in the morning. My hair is significantly less frizzy and my scalp is thrilled with the moisture. Coconut oil’s full of vitamin E, which is about the most moisturizing thing you can give your skin. If you’re going to go ahead and replace your lotion with oil, make sure you buy organic—you don’t want your skin soaking up any toxins along with the good stuff.

I have an additional tip, next time you’re baking, use coconut oil in place of butter. It’ll taste just as good and be a million times better for you
Another secret that I would like to share in this forum is the antiseptic properties of coconut oil especially when applied on small cuts and bruises. Believe it or not, when vco is applied on a fresh wound or bruise, the pain subsides in a matter of minutes and the healing comes in a day or two. This coco oil feat is really amazing and one begins to ask the question on why we didn't know about these things when we were young. Perhaps I am not alone when I share these stories of painful antiseptics whenever we apply it on our small cuts or bruises; and how, at times, a small wound becomes infected to a point that we already need to buy antibiotics.
I heard that coconut oil is considered as a high in natural saturated fats wherein it increases the healthy cholesterol in our body but only that it can also turn the bad cholesterol into good cholesterol.
Yes! I use apply coconut oil on my hair every other night. I notice that it made my hair shiny, bouncy, and soft. I also used coconut oil on my face. I apply it before sleeping.
I use it as a moisturizer, hair treatment, and even do oil pulling when I remember to. It's such a great oil for health in so many different ways - definitely one that we keep in our house at all times.
I am using coconut oil for almost all my body internal or external use, I used to eat in the morning on the empty stomach but now I am using to make my white teeth and I rub my hair after I wash it and I also use the coconut oil for my skin on my entire body.
Yes i use it very often both on my dishes and my body. Coconut oil is known for its wide range of benefits. I usually use it for my scalp and my skin as a natural moisturizer. Also VCO is good for salad's and a good alternative for olive oil.