Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is a very helpful supplement when you're in a diet, it's a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy and radiant skin, bone growth, maintains blood vessels, and it also helps strengthen the immune system.
I agree, Vitamin C also helps our body to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Giving us protection by keeping our immune system a boost in protection.
Vitamin C is one vitamin the I have been taking for so many years. I started out with 30 mg increased to a 100 and 250 and 500. But nowadays I take the sodium ascorbate non-acidic ascorbic which relatively more expensive than the usual vitamin c. There are many health benefit of Vitamin C and not many side effects.
My issue with vitamin C is that I develop loose bowel movement when I am fatigued and then I drink a lot of orange juice. After riding my bike and drinking 2 glasses of orange juice, the tendency is for me to go to the toilet within one hour. But the symptom dies down when the toxin all goes out, that’s how I think of it. But I guess vitamin C is good for our body’s immunity particularly against common ailments like flu and colds.
I personally taking ascorbic acid because I have a weak immune system. I am prone in having coughs and colds. I am having my allergy when I am exposed in a cold area.
I am taking ascorbic acid because I am prone in having colds and cough. My immune system is weak so sickness is easily coming in my system. Ascorbic acid helped me avoid sicknesses.
Among the benefits that you included, there’s one more incredibly important one, and that is improved mental health and stability. Vitamin C is known to be an important factor when it comes to mental well-being.

A neighbor of mine has mental stability issues, and his doctor recommended he start taking extremely concentrated doses of vitamin C. Unfortunately, he has to experience the digestive issues that come with high doses of vitamin C, but at the same time his parents told me that he has been much more stable since taking the supplement.

Not to mention that it’s recommended for people with sleep issues as well. It’s an incredibly important vitamin.
Vitamin C is essential to our health. It promotes healing and helps in cell growth and repair. It boosts our immune system that's why we need to consume it every day. Personally, I prefer taking natural Vitamin C because this is safer and of course, we're sure that it's healthier than supplements. I always get Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.